Heartbreaking moments have taught me to stop numbing and comforting myself in unhealthy ways so I can keep moving with life in new ways.

These moments have taught me my most beautiful lessons:

💔Divorce taught me the power of what my body was feeling and to honor what it was telling me. to not react and to honor my boundaries, even when the distance felt like I was dying from the inside out.

💔The death of one of my best friends reminded me again…life is precious and short so instead of wanting to make my dying plan. I decided to make my living plan. A plan to love and live big. We are never promised another day!

💔The death of Mr.T my equine buddy taught me gentle, masculine strength and protective love is possible, just by being authentically me. Thanks buddy! You were the divine masculine and I hope you’re sending that good shit down here to us all.

❤️‍🩹 The mental health journey of my sons, reminded me to cut ancestral ties of co-dependency, to be strong, persevere, have hope and courage, to stand up for others, to be kind and compassionate and to honor where others are at with their journey. Watching them reminds me who we are in the past does not define the work we’ve put in to be better humans.

❤️‍🩹 being diagnosed with an autoimmune taught me my health is important and to continue improving my diet, exercise and lifestyle to live a happy healthy, peaceful life.

❤️‍🩹 Dating again reminded me there are gentle, kind souls out there and they are beloved. They continue to teach me things about myself and my values. Things that I will never give up again as they make me, me. These experiences brought me my most precious missing puzzle piece…aka to fully stop numbing and find peace and freedom. I am forever grateful and I thank you!

To be authentic, to be you, to communicate your needs/desires, to still look at all you interact with as precious gifts, to make mistakes and still love yourself with grace and forgiveness and try again. This is life folks. It’s not easy, sometimes it’s down right fucking brutal. Yet it’s how we get up, how we treat ourselves with love and grace so we can extend that to others. That’s what moving and growing through your heartache does for you instead of numbing the shit out of it. (No judgement there I could personally write a book on how to numb yourself). This is how you arrive!

#peacewithin #dothework #freedom #authentic