There is so much talk about surrendering, trusting and all that good jazz… perhaps what I’m about to talk about is a flavor of that. Yet I’m not quite sure, as I’m still moving through the process of surrendering and trusting a little bit more every day. It’s definitely a learning experience and a very humbling one at times.

The humbling part was, it dawned on me this morning many of my reactions/choices were because I perceived something as good or bad. I noticed in that aha moment this old way of thinking was preventing me from fully moving forward with ease as it was not in alignment with my belief “that all things are gifts.” Regardless, if I perceived them as good or bad.

Very often, we are taught something is good or bad by family, friends, cultures, society, whether we are female or male (roles we identify with), conditions that we have or have been diagnosed with by doctors, etc. and we trust these declarations at face value.

Yet often, we don’t discern for ourselves if we consider these things good or bad. So today I am trying a new approach. I am not looking at things as good or bad only as they are. It is what it is has a whole new meaning for me personally. My hope is that it will help me choose my reaction and choose overall life choices differently, when life presents the “is”. Because it’s a gift whatever it is.

I hope this helps someone else out there, too!

itiswhatisis #surrender #growthmidset #trust

It just is…