Hmmmmm Lots of ups and downs this day. It was so nice to hear after a decade of saying I think I had this autoimmune disease, that I finally received the diagnosis. That I wasn’t crazy, a hypochondriac like some said and that all my symptoms were indeed real. Yet on the other side of this I was angry at the lack of proactiveness our health care offers, that so many get dismissed and we believe we are losing our minds, frustrated and exhausted and told the only option was to throw a pill at it and of course it comes with crazy side effects.

This, this is the day I decided to take my power back and choose what is right for me. To step further into what I know has helped in other areas of my life. Today I’m doing this holistically and will journal my journey. the good, bad, honest and ugly of it.

So day 1: I’m cleaning up my diet. I’ve been good at incorporating daily exercise, meditation and other things but what I eat has always been a tough one for me. It’s so embedded in our culture, how we socialize etc..and there are very very few places that can accommodate what we really need to offer our bodies. Plus I can from the lovely GenX generation where pop, chips, Mac n cheese and really any processed food was the norm. Some part of me still feels weird at leaving that behind. And to be fully transparent food…yeah….well it’s one of my go to’s as a coping skill. 😬 so what now 🤷‍♀️

So day 1: I met with my beautiful friend who is a nutritionist, naturopath and yoga instructor. Rocio Varela of Complete Wellness by Rocio. I took a lengthy test and we met to go over the results and develop a new way of being with the food and what to begin eating. I began this snd initially thought I got this, what’s a little diet change…until I changed it.

The first day started with lemon water, celery juice and a very prescribed 3 meals with 2 snacks. I don’t think I’ve eaten 3 meals in a very very long time. Well and even if I did, it certainly wasn’t healthy. At the end of day 1 I was wiped trying to keep up with the routine, I felt so damn full that I felt like I was seriously going to puke. So embarrassingly I text Rocio and asked the…is this normal question.

Rocio’s loving response to taper back on dinner but be sure to eat a protein and yes all normal gave me the love, courage and reassurance to give it another go. So here’s what I learned on day 1. It’s ok to be humble and ask for help and ask questions. Having support on a huge life change like this is important and critical and I couldn’t think of a more living human than Rocio to have in your corner cheerleading for your health. Not only does she help but she gets it as she’s had her own health scare/struggles and knows the importance of our diet and is a fierce advocate for it and it’s ability to help heal the body. Keep going we got this…here’s to day 2 🥳