Since I was young I had symptoms that have perplexed doctors…so many tests, inconclusive diagnoses or even worse, hearing well we just don’t know what’s wrong with you… here is a pill for that symptom. Those pills often led to more symptoms, worry, anxiety and that lovely feeling that “its all in your head”

So here is my journey…I’m not throwing more pills at it without trying things holistically that feel right to my body first. Things like taking time out to meditate, being in nature, yoga, reiki, massage, mindset coaches, somatic movement, laughter, cleaner eating, exercise etc…

I’d like to begin sharing my honest and raw thoughts around the experiences with each of these services/things and what/how my body experiences and responds to each of these.

I’m prefacing this with…this is my journey and I’m not saying doctors, pills etc. don’t have a place in our health. Personally I choose to try to balance my body through mind, body and soul work first. I also recognize just because things work for me does not mean it will work for you. Each of our bodies is different and certain things work you that won’t work for me and vice versa.

So stay tuned…here we go folks …✨💫🙏🏻