I’ve always hated the saying “why by the cow when you can get the milk for free”

When I was pregnant, at the age of 17, I had a lady come up to me at the pool, and say this about the myself in relation to the father of our baby… it was one of the most hurtful things someone had ever said to me, especially given the situation I was in.

Here’s the thing that age has taught me. People are full of judgments, and without fully knowing the other person. What this woman didn’t know about me is I didn’t need someone to buy me and I knew the right person would tenderly take care of the cow, even when the milk is free. She didn’t know I was unique in my own ways…I can feel (when I’m paying attention) if someone is authentic/not in it all for them.

If people are not tenderly taking care of the cow, then they are not worth the cows time and the cow will eventually leave, recognizing that. The cow never wanted to be bought and paid for. The cow wanted the right cow sharing her pasture with her! The right cow does not take advantage of what is free. Moooo 🐮

Yes, my kids would say this is my lame attempt to trying to be funny . 🤭

In all seriousness… the cow learned that peoples judgment is what they are uncomfortable with, and to always be that girl, never sacrifice that girl…because that is what makes her beautiful! 💗