Life is busy, we are busy and what’s crucial to our health and well being is to slooooowwww down our busy.

To be mindful brings in beauty, awareness, peace and Inner freedom to our mind, body, and our most beautiful essence (who we are) It reconnects us with ourselves and helps us bring back the pieces we’ve lost or have been missing and helps us find a healthy balance with everything/one around us.

If you’re like me. I used to try to find 1000 excuses on why I shouldn’t take care of you…the kids need me, my husband/partner will miss me or be left handling everything etc. I assure you when you say “yes” to you…you will never regret it! Not to mention it’s the gift that keeps going and is a lasting imprint for life. It’s a tool in your tool belt you can always pull out when you need it most☺️

Come visit this amazing space and these beautiful humans and horses for an unforgettable weekend!

Peace and love to all! See you there! 💕💕💕 Spots are limited, to sign up see the post below. can’t make it, that’s ok we’d love it if you’d share and spread the word. ☺️☺️☺️

We are thrilled to offer this incredible Mindfulness with Horse Retreat the weekend of October 27-29. See the photos for information and weekend schedule. Space is limited. Please let us know if you have any questions. The direct link to register is: You will have to create an account and follow a few steps to get to the registration form.