3/9/2023 Collective Tarot Reading

Six of Pentacles: in order to fully receive there is a step of awakening that must occur.

Awakening requires you to step out of autopilot, face your fears and take gentle baby steps to begin a new way of being, “your” way of being. It’s super hard work and will make you want to retreat back to your comfy zone but staying stuck is so much harder!

Staying stuck makes us feel physically and mentally unwell, agitated, angry and feeling helpless at times. It takes a huge toll on your overall health and well-being and prevents you from growing/moving forward.

If you are facing those fears head on, know you’ve got this! Keep showing up daily and take those gentle baby steps.

If you are feeling stuck one of the easiest baby steps is to ask yourself “what tiny change you could make in your day?” and do that for 30 days. Step your way into your own personal abundance! ✨☺️

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