3/3/2023 Collective Tarot Reading

The magician (issue/opportunity): feel like you’ve lost your spark or ability to shine? Rest assured you’re on your right path and to be the leader you are meant to, there’s just some things you need to learn to keep moving forward.

Six of Pentacles (guidance): This learning is around wealth and balance. First remember wealth looks different for everyone.

Today you are encouraged to explore:

  1. What does wealth looks like for you?
  2. Where are you giving too much without receiving?
  3. Where are you receiving too much without giving?

Both giving and receiving our wealth is important! It keeps us balanced, connected, compassionate, in harmony & cared for.

Once you’ve done the steps above ask yourself:

What can you do to give or receive more?

Whatever you come up with big or small Take that step to stay in your state of balance!

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