2/27/2023 Collective Tarot Reading

The moon: While absolutely beautiful the moon can be a bit of a you know what… The moon works with our subconscious. The subconscious often holds fears, anxiety, old beliefs and ways we naturally react when something provokes us. It also holds our intuition.

Our subconscious can put us in a fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode OR…we can lean in to feel those feelings, be curious and understand them, give them love, compassion and care and plant the seeds for something new!

If you find emotions flaring today my best advice is to feel the feelings don’t be the feelings. Be curious about why you’re having them. Give yourself grace and love throughout the entire process. Life is about learning, understanding and growing and we each have to be ready and willing when the time is right. The work is hard but so is not changing. Only you can decide what work you are ready for. ☺️✨ if you can’t decide say a prayer and ask for help for the highest and best.

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