1/5/2023 Collective Tarot Reading

Seven of cups: it’s your day to choose who you want to be. When we choose who we want to be we further align our lives with how we show up and can achieve all that’s for us. So who are you going to be this year? Be it! Believe it! Know it!

Once you know who you want to be and those nasty thoughts and fears creep in attempting to hold us back from the life we are meant to live. Align your fears and thought with the version of who you want to be. Would they think, say of do those things from a place of fear? Most likely not…so when you move into that place of loving who you are/want to be you place your actions, thoughts and feelings in love, hope and the belief that we can get through those things because we are in a different place and space.

We are a better version of who we already are and we are grateful for that because we can now see so we can now be.

So again…Who do you want to be?

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