12/30/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Eight of Wands (issue/opportunity): ohhh the winds of life are changing. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, that you’ve been emotionally all over the place or like you’ve lost your direction please know #1 you are not alone many are feeling this way #2 the winds are turning and you will know exactly where the winds are taking you! How you ask???

Five of Pentacles (guidance): By understanding we are all connected and a focus on the greater health and wellness of us all vs. individual gains. We can no longer idly sit by and see others suffer and not feel compelled to help, we will no longer react but approach others from a place of curiosity, care, compassion and concern, We will find our love and passion and as a result have the right people in our corner helping us along. We will find balance, peace, unconditional love and harmony. Humanity will be of us all.

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