12/22/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Queen of Wands (opportunity/issue): this queen encourages you to be courageous and confident! I know firsthand it can be scary stepping into your authenticity but this queen encourages you to do so and to trust! You’ve got this! When you step in all things within you and around you will grow! Remember we all hold energy and affect those around us so let your effects be warm and positive, even when it’s tough!

Page of Wands reversed (guidance): In order to step in and be that courageous a confident person you are you will need to examine your needs and wants. Don’t just rush in to the first thing Handed to you! Now is the time to ask ‘do I want or need that?’ Before jumping in. Be honest with yourself so you could be honest with others. Also the page of wands tells us to let go of things keeping you stuck. To stop stalling or being indecisive as it will keep you stuck in the sand. Now is NOT a time to stay in your comfort zone as that will not help you evolve and grow. Put your best foot forward, try something new, be your quirky, crazy (in a good way) you. Most importantly be your unique you!

What you will believe, comes true for you!

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