12/20/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Nine of Swords (issue/opportunity): Feeling depleted? Negative thoughts? Worry keeping you up? It’s so easy to let these things eat us up. I know…I’m there with you today. This card is a wonderful reminder that we can flip our script! We can worry or choose to let go and surrender to the moment we are in. We can let Negative thoughts fill our brains or we can tell ourselves something lovely. We can feel depleted or take care of our bodies needs (get rest, exercise, put healthy foods in it etc)

Four of cups (guidance): Here to say find the simple moments that make you smile. Sun on your face, a warm smile from a stranger, an act of kindness. Trust that all things come in and out of your life for a reason. Whether it a lesson or a purpose each is extremely important in your souls journey here.

Feel Gratitude…what are you grateful for today?

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