12/8/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

The high priestess (opportunity): The high priestess coming in to challenge us to see beyond the end of our nose. Sometimes things aren’t always what they appear to be. Step out of auto pilot, stop reacting as it keeps you in old patterns, don’t avoid things that make you feel uncomfortable it prevents you from moving forward. Get out of the weeds and sit on the tree tops! See from a higher view.

Nine of wands (guidance): you may have to think creatively to get past the end of your nose. Imagine riding on a bird and looking down below would you see things the same way? Climb to the top of that tree or that mountain and look outwardly? Does it look the same to you? Discover your path to more beautiful lands and views. When we step back and give ourselves a little distance we can see more and more. We can breathe before responding, we can be more accepting, more grateful, we can see each experience as a gift and that everything is connected.

Remember life is a dance. Some days you’re doing the waltz, other days the tango… Appreciate each dance… it always has something to teach us!

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