12/6/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Ten of Wands (the issue): The load you’ve been carrying has been a lot and for a long time. It’s time to address what’s been hidden, lighten your load, stop overcommitting to things that don’t bring you joy, pause and move toward the life and only the things that bring you joy! The life meant for you! This card is all about releasing things that make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Go deeper and find out what you have attached to that’s not serving you well! you are not meant to do it all so I ask for help and let go of the things not bringing you joy!

The world (guidance): master moving forward, put your plans in place and you’ll be amazed at how the world opens up to you. During this time you’ll see synchronicity‘s, you may feel déjà vu. This is life reminding you you are moving down your souls purpose and what you were meant to learn here. Do so in love, even when it’s hard. It speaks to your character when doing so.

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