11/18/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Ace of swords (past): hold firmly to the decisions made previously as they are supported by your soul and bring you many blessings and new beginnings. You will see things from a new and vibrant perspectives. This is a day to rejoice as you look with wonder at what is before you!

Page of pentacles (present): soak up the “new” in your life and remember gratitude for where you are in this life. You have plenty, more than enough! You have health, wealth, love and all you need! This is no time to get comfy as your blessings require work and steadfast due diligence. Don’t rest solely on good fortune. One must continue forward movement and each will be unique yo the individual. Go within to determine your next move.

Ace of wands reversed (future): if it feels like things are out of your grasp and begin falling away. Bring yourself back to center, trust, release aspects not working for you and move forward with only those that are. Increase the things that bring you joy and love and you will soon fully tap into your highest potential.

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