11/15/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Ace of Pentacles reversed (past): Nicely done! You’ve slowed your boat, enjoyed the wind on your face and watched the waves gently reach its destiny. Applaud yourself as its hard work to slow down long enough to rest, restore, reflect and rise. Your opportunity awaits you!

King of Pentacles (present): The beauty of the world is in your hands. Your pursuits will be successful! Remember wisdom, peace, generosity, kindness and being fair in your day to day will keep you in this beautiful place. Choose wisely day to day and make amends when mistakes arise because we are all human and they will. It’s what we do with those that matter!

The Fool (future): This is your new beginning! Take your leap of faith and trust! Once you see through the eyes of a child, you cannot unsee and as a result a wondrous, beautiful place awaits you! One made for your soul and it’s purpose. One just for you! Be there in your mind, your heart, your soul. When you arrive, you will know! Many Blessings to you all!

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