11/15/2022 collective tarot reading

The lovers (past): You’ve had to make really hard choices that kept you in alignment with your highest and best self, staying true to who you are. Leaving behind paths that sucked your soul…

Seven of swords reversed (present): At the present time it is extremely important you ask yourself “where in your life are you fighting to keep control? What keeps you lying awake at night worrying? What can you not live without? Once you’ve made your list, what if you were to circle what’s in your control so you can focus on what to do with those things. The rest send to prayer and surrender it…knowing there is nothing you can do to change it and what is meant to be, is to be.

The chariot reversed (future): The chariot reminding us that we must slow down to find the balance. That everything we go through in this life both the good and the bad, helps us grow and evolve. So take some time before making any major decisions to silence the mind, check in with your gut and decide what is best for you to move forward with. Transformation is coming and it will be important you stop and check in with yourself before making any moves.

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