10/20/2022 Collective Tarot Reading

Four of Cups: Reminds us to spice things up in life! Take on the opportunities that are dropping in your lap. Life’s too short to become emotionally stagnant! If you’re not ready for the spice of life that’s OK, lean in and do the healing you need to move yourself forward.

The Tower: This card is one of my favorites and is reflective of nonessential things crumbling away from you to make room for the new. This card allows souls to move towards freedom and completion! Deep transitions are taking place now so if you’re experiencing any type of sudden changes in life, know divine timing for your divine design is upon you.

Eight of Wands: You have opened the way for your souls purpose to begin forward movement and at the speed of lightning! Stay centered and grounded! Remember opportunities are not unhealthy overwhelm! You’ve worked hard for all these beautiful opportunities coming to you! You deserve every bit of them! Here’s to your health, wealth, love, and clarity! Soar my friend! for this is your time!

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