You don’t have to take care of the person hurting you!

I was told often as a kid to be a bigger person, give others the benefit of the doubt, or worse to console the person that hurt me.

This lead to years of believing I deserve to be treated that way and then it was my role to make the other person feel better..

I am here to tell you it is not. The Beautiful thing is we learned care , compassion, and concern for others the self love tip that I have for you is. Let that loving adult that you are, give that care, compassion and concern that to your inner child instead.

That inner kid probably needs a hug and permission to know they don’t deserve to be treated like that, it’s OK to say that was mean and walk away!

So instead of going to your norm of trying to console someone else today, I encourage you to try to console you! Give yourself permission to receive that love and give yourself what you need to be ok because that is how you heal!

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