10/5 Collective Tarot Reading: Queen of Cups.

Hold onto your pantyhose folks the queen of cups it is all about our emotions. The nice thing is we get the choice to not react and to approach our emotions differently than we have in the past.

The queen of cups is highly intuitive, nurturing and compassionate and she reminds us to go inward to reflect on why we are feeling the way we are.

This is a wonderful time when emotions surface to not let them get the best of us-don’t react or go to that go to coping skill. Come at them intelligently.

Take that deep belly breath, take a time out to collect yourself, go in a walk, pet a dog/cat, check in with yourself to find out why you are feeling that way and ask yourself what do you really need? Communicate that instead.

If we can come from compassion, care, curiosity and nurturing. We all win in that conversation.

I share this with whomever it serves and resonates with. Sending love to all!

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