9/30 Tarot reading: lots to say today 3 cards fell out

Past- The Hanged Man: many of us searching for a higher perspective on this thing we call life. We are beginning our awakenings through the trials and sacrifices made over the years!

Present- The Chariot: It’s time. Time to move forward. To evolve in our humanity and relationships with one another. Outgrow those things you learned where you know it’s not for you and step into your real you! One with love, compassion and care for yourself and all others that surround or interact with you!

Future- Reversed Ace of Wands: You may feel stuck or that you have all this potential but can’t figure out what to do with it. You may feel held back until you can connect with what you are passionate about. It could be family, a career, a hobby, art, music, sports, reading etc… find what you love and you will find your passions, your love, inspirational ideas, potential or spiritual awakening!

Your future awaits you so begin your journey of finding what makes you tick! Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find your best self/life!

I share this with whomever this resonates with or serves. If it’s not for you that’s ok toss it out. 😘✨

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