I spent so many years of my life not trying to be just another statistic.

My family was blue-collar. My dad was the hardest working person I knew. I don’t recall a time when I was little when he actually missed work. My mom watched kids for others and when we got older she was a vet tech and also worked to help children with intellectual challenges. To others we were considered poor.

Truth be told…alcoholism ran hot in our family. For ours that meant over reactions that often lead to explosive arguments and physical fights.

At 17 I learned I was pregnant and had people all say all kinds of things about me. I had a lady at a pool tell me “why by the cow when they can get the milk for free! ” I had others tell me to “get an abortion, you will never have a life worth living if you keep the baby.”

I heard lots of things like this as a child and well into my adult years…you’ll never amount to anything, your family is trash etc… Both by kids and adults…

I am 45 years old now and I’m calling bullshit! I’m calling bullshit on all the nasty things that other people said and believed because those were their perceptions without ever taking the time to get to know me. I’m calling bullshit on those that think just because you don’t come from a certain lifestyle that you won’t make anything of yourself. I’m calling bullshit on statistics, societal beliefs, social norms etc… But most of all I’m calling bullshit on believing for so long, all those horrible things people said that did not resonate with my soul and who I truly am!

As kids we don’t get to pick our families, we don’t choose our financial means or the emotional intelligence of our families…but you do get to choose how you treat others that are different from you.

I never went to college (well aside for getting some cerifications). When people said “she will never achieve this,” I said “watch me!”. I’ve had a six-figure income. I’ve surpassed every goal that I’ve set for myself and turned around to help others achieve theirs! I have a beautiful life and I know my heart, me and my worth! (not saying it hasn’t come with its challenges…hello I am human). Through this all I have never given up on my dreams I have always stayed fluid and known anything was possible.

I’ve chosen to be courageous versus staying in comfort even when staying in comfort meant life would appear to be so much easier. I have learned that when you believe in yourself, let go out your past and look forward to your future..anything is possible!

So to all the folks out there trying to fight like hell for your dreams…Never give up on you! Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is possible and wants you too!

No one is a statistic! Go live the life you know your meant to have! Not what others said or thought you would have! You’ve got this! I believe in you!