Our closet life

It’s funny today I stepped into my closet and felt very overwhelmed by all the crap I’ve been holding onto.

I looked at my closet and there were things from the past when I was a size 3 and then as much as I’d like to think I’d ever get back to that size… I know that that is not my reality and I’m okay with that. I also saw things that I’m holding onto like my size 14s in the case I ever gained my weight back. I looked further and found those 10 to 15 items that I actually love and wear. I stopped and asked myself why am I holding onto all this other crap.

It’s kind of like life right!We’re always thinking of the past waiting for the future and forgetting to love those things that are sitting right in front of us that bring us comfort and joy.

Well today I’m making it a point to clean my closet not only my physical one but my emotional one. It is time to let go of the past it’s time to let go of the future and it’s time for me to be with joy and comfort.

I hope you guys can do the same too! Wishing all a slice of joy and comfort in life..it’s not always easy to come by but it’s always there when we look for it!

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