I see your fears, I feel your pain
I know the rage
I hold it all near

Praying for life
Praying for death
Praying for whichever let’s me rest

Run to the forest
Run to rest
Let it protect you
Pray for the best

Don’t tell your story, don’t tell the rest
They’ll never believe you
They may arrest

Locked in your silence
Locked in your head
Locked with the monsters under your bed

Until you awake, you know your strong and you…

Tell your story, you tell what’s wrong
Show them how to live and love
The way you know best

Let them see
Let them hear
Let them know about you my dear

Show them the hurt
Show them the pain
Show them how the little girl made it through all that rain

Forgive what you heard
Forgive what you kept
Forgive what you saw
Forgive what you wept

Let go of the beliefs that keep you here…

Return to your innocence
Return to you my dear

Begin to believe
Begin to explore
Begin to feel love
Begin to soar

Begin the way you’ve never tried before

Let them feel joy
Let them feel free
Let them know the way life is supposed to be

Love that little kid inside of me 💛

By : Jen Stone

Thank you to the trees that gave life and protected me.

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