As far back as I can remember I found the love I needed by doing tasks or giving back to others. This became a staple of my life as well as a crutch. I gave so much to others that I stopped giving to myself. 

I distinctly recall the time one somebody asked me what I liked to do, and I could not answer them. From that moment I decided I needed to figure out who I was again, what I loved and how to put myself on the same platform that I did everyone else because darn it I was just as equally important as they were! 

It’s been challenging work undoing all those years of conditioning myself. So tough that some days I felt as if I just couldn’t even function. Some days are still tough because every day is practice being a better version of me. The beauty in all of this is I have finally found who I am. I have better relationships with others in my life, I’ve stopped being dishonest with myself and those around me and I am a better version of myself every day and when I make mistakes (because I’m human) I can offer myself grace and forgiveness and try again. 

If you are ready to stop life like a giant task list and want to see a new life that is waiting just for you, this is for you! 

I help you stop living life like it’s one giant checklist. Helping you know and remember you are way more important than the task you are doing! 

I help you live your beautiful life! Visit me at to take that first step. What do you to lose?