Okay everyone..First time blogger here so be gentle. 🙂 This weekend has been a plethora of emotion for me. Do you ever get the sense you are made to feel uncomfortable to address something that is not longer working for you? Do you pay attention to it, sweep it under the rug, or run away screaming? For me it’s initial avoidance or I like to call it processing (which is some of it but most times it’s me trying to avoid that feeling because I am fearful of where it may or may not take me) I know recognizing this is a gift/wake upcall that it’s time to change, blossom and grow but it often times feels a little bitter sweet for me and I am sure for others also. Oh and seriously, why does it always come at one time when you are already going through so much change. Anyhow, I wanted to remind anyone reading this today that you are not alone, try to lean in, to pay attention and do some of that work that we want to run away from. Doing that work does help us live our fullest life, it’s our wake up call. So lean in and I’ll do the same. Best Wishes everyone!

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