This weekend I met with an amazing man/life coach named Ed Corpus. He reminded me that everyone has a choice around the issues we are experiencing in our lives. We can either accept it the way it is, work to change it, or if it can’t be changed figure out how to stop it and create a new way to be. Although this may seem very simplistic, when we are not at our best or a thousand thoughts/ideas are running through our heads-putting it into action can be so very hard. I left our session feeling grateful, energized and thankful I took the time to invest in myself and meet with him. I now have my issues identified, goals set and actions placed around those goals-I am on my way to create my new way to be. šŸ™‚ This is why I love life coaching. Life coaching is not someone telling you how you should do things, rather it’s someone helping you get “unstuck”, to identify the issues, to put goals around them, actions into motion and being there with you like a trusted and honest BFF; One that will support you through the transition- ensuring those goals are achieved. Thank you so much Ed for caring, your wise words and your support! I can’t wait to see those goals turn into reality!
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